Spectacle Lens Materials

Spectacle lenses are now made out of even more different materials than ever before. At Killingly Eye Care we try to take advantage of the options we have to customize your lenses to match your prescription. In other words, some prescriptions are better off being made from one material than another. We will take the time to recommend what we think will enhance your vision the most.
Today’s choices for lens materials are:
GLASS: Once the overwhelming most popular choice, now rarely used. Its biggest advantage is it is very scratch resistant. However it is very heavy.
PLASTIC: Light weight with high optical clarity, but scratches easy. Should have a scratch coating. Also gets thicker in higher prescriptions.
POLYCARBONATE: Very light, very safe, thinner, but has high chromatic aberration. Which means patients may see colored fringes around objects. It scratches easy and usually comes with scratch coating.
TRIVEX: Very safe, and has less chromatic aberration than polycarbonate lenses, thus has optical superiority. It is slightly thicker than polycarbonate.
HIGH INDEX PLASTICS: There are several levels of high index and they are very thin and very light. But they scratch and should have a scratch coating applied. They also have higher chromatic aberration than Trivex.