Cataract Evaluation and Management

Cataracts are a common condition that diminishes our vision and it can cause dramatic visual impairment.  Fortunately, cataract surgery is extremely effective and the results are typically outstanding.

The most common form of cataracts are those that form slowly as we age.  Other types of cataracts can occur though, from trauma or medications.  Typically you may notice your vision being fuzzy or you may notice increased glare when driving.  We can detect your cataracts during our examination and advise you when you should consider having them surgically removed.

The surgery is normally done on an outpatient basis.  There is minimal trauma to the eye and usually there is instant improvement in your vision.  Today, there are options regarding the type of lens implant used.  We will discuss all your options with you before you are referred to a surgeon.

At Killingly Eye Care we have been co-managing cataract care for years.  We are skilled at handling postoperative cataract patients as we typically see them for follow up the first day after surgery.  Our experience with many cataract patients will help ensure your surgery will have a good outcome.