Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lens fittings are all unique.  We want our patients to be successful, comfortable and happy contact lens wearers.  Since all patients are different, we approach each person individually.  At Killingly Eye Care, a contact lens fitting is an ongoing process, it is not a single visit.  To make sure you have the best vision and the best physiological fit we will evaluate your lenses several times before we will finalize the fitting.

At Killingly Eye Care we fit all types of contacts, soft, astigmatic, gas perms, hybrids, keratoconus and bifocals to name a few.  Some of these are more challenging to fit than others.  Our dispensing visit is a thorough encounter where our patients learn how to insert and remove their lenses as well as properly clean their lenses and contact lens case.

Your contact lens experience does not end with the fitting.  Our office is attentive to the needs of contact lens wearers and we stock many lenses and solutions for your convenience.  We also offer diagnostic (trial) lenses to our patients in case of emergencies and our prices are extremely competitive.