Technology: Macular Degeneration Management

Genetic Testing

Macular Degeneration genetic testing is a tool that can help us assess your risk for developing this potentially debilitating disease. Macula Risk is a genetic test performed with a simple cheek swab that identifies individuals who have inherited the genes that cause macular degeneration.

Identifying individuals who have the potential to develop this disease allows us to develop treatment regimens that can preserve your vision. More careful monitoring and testing can be important in detecting changes and allowing us to implement treatment and counseling. Proper nutrition, vitamin therapy and behavioral modifications can change the course of this disease. Early detection of conversion to the wet form of AMD can also save your vision with the effective use of proper therapies.

Retinal Imaging

Retinal imaging remains a mainstay in detecting and following many ocular diseases and conditions.  At Killingly Eye Care we have a digital photography system with an advanced software package that enables us to view images in different ways that help us analyze your retinas thoroughly.

Macular degeneration often begins with small spots on the retina called drusen.  There are also pigment changes in the macula area that occur.  By documenting these early changes, we are able to better follow and detect the subtle progression of the disease in our patients.

Retinal imaging is a quick and easy process and the digital images are easily shared with other providers such as retinal specialists if the need arises.