Technology: AVISO Ultrasound Platform UBM and A/B Scan

Killingly Eye Care utilizes Quantel’s state of the art AVISO ultrasound. This instrument gives us advanced diagnostic capabilities for many ocular conditions. Among them glaucoma and retinal detachments. We are excited to bring this technology to our patients enabling us to treat their conditions with greater accuracy.

UBM: Ultrasound Biomicroscopy utilizes high frequency transducers to obtain a high resolution image. Allowing us to view the anterior chamber of the eye, the iris and structures immediately posterior to the iris. We can evaluate the angle (the area where fluid drains out of the eye), giving us a better idea of the type of glaucoma we are dealing with.

UBM is necessary to determine certain features of the iris/angle structure that will determine what type of treatment is necessary.

A/B Scan: Ultrasound of the eye. Sound wave that is directed to the eye that will give us high quality images of the internal structures of the eye. Sound waves travel and pass from one medium (the vitreous) to another (the retina) and being different in density will reflect the sound differently. These are echo’s. With a B-scan we can determine if a retina is detached or if a tumor has penetrated. It is also very helpful in assessing the optic nerve to differentiate drusen or papilledema Bscans are especially useful to view the internal structures when you cannot see the eye due to a dense cataract, corneal scarring or anything else that obscures the view. The A scan module measures the axial length of the eye. This information is necessary to assist the surgeon in calculating the IOL that will be implanted during cataract surgery.